MAN NOx Doser

MAN NOx Doser: Efficiency is now cleaner than before.

Efficiency is now cleaner than before.

MAN believes in and is committed to preserving the environment. The advanced technology in our diesel engine ensures that assured performance is high through the product life. At the same time, the emissions are kept low without impacting the vehicle's operations-even in tough conditions.

The MAN NOx Doser further ensures that the emissions are reduced, while complying with regulations. This fluid is used in MAN vehicles along with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to help reduce the exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides by 85% and particulates by up to 40%. This technology uses a flow through after-treatment device downstream from the tailpipe so it does not put any excess load on the engine itself. As a result, it does not change the required engine oil drain interval.

The SCR system is calibrated to 32.5% urea concentration so that optimum NOx is reduced during operation.

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