MAN Genuine Parts

MAN Genuine Parts are always the first choice.

TCO Protected

Whoever opts for MAN, chooses excellent quality. So why should our customers be satisfied with less when it comes to replacement parts? With MAN Genuine Parts, you know you're dealing with superior quality. They are manufactured in accordance with MAN guidelines and inspected carefully to ensure that they comply with our strict quality standards. They also guarantee maximum reliability and economy. Furthermore, they come with a 6-month warranty that is valid in India. That is quality you can count on.

To keep downtime as short as possible in the event of damage, required genuine parts are in stock in MAN service centres. Through MAN Trucks India's regional warehouses, critical parts can be supplied on priority. Optimum logistics processes mean our customers profit from improved order acceptance and delivery times, as well as shorter downtime in workshops.

The benefits:

  • State-of-the-art MAN Genuine Parts
  • MAN quality thanks to latest technology
  • 6-months parts warranty in India

MAN Genuine Parts: WheelHub

Features and Advantages

  • Lifetime Maintenance-free
  • Unitized bearing technology for long life
  • Enhanced Sealings Technology for better performance

MAN Genuine Parts: fuel Filter

Features and Advantages

  • Specially developed filter paper with high dirt collection capacity & cleaner fuel lead to increased life of engine.
  • Highly resistant to adverse chemical, thermal and mechanical effects.
  • Minimal flow resistance. Best safeguard against damage to the injection system.

Oil filter

Features and Advantages

  • High-grade materials and high process quality for sustained freedom from leakage. Better performance.
  • Optimal protection of your MAN engine for the entire oil change interval.
  • Highly resistant to adverse chemical, thermal and mechanical effects.

Engine components

Features and Advantages

  • Long service life with optimum lubrication provides high strength. Able to withstand extreme loads which translates into high performance.
  • Tried & tested under severe conditions of the engine operation—ensures durability.

Engine overhauling kit

Features and Advantages

  • Genuine Parts Quality: the exclusive use of tested MAN Genuine Parts® offers considerable quality advantages over non-OEM parts from third-party suppliers.
  • Quick and reliable: offers customers a complete package under one item number, thus avoiding the risk of incorrect orders.
  • Kits offer better value when compared to individual parts. Engine overhaul kits offer significantly better value.

Clutch plate

Features and Advantages

  • Enhanced wear surface leads to better service life.
  • Sustained torque distribution with minimum vibration results in ease of driving.
  • Designed for heavy duty application.

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