MAN Genuine Coolant

MAN Genuine Coolant: All weather, high performance.

Extreme conditions. Consistent performance.

The engine in an MAN truck has to deliver the best performance-at all times. Customers may operate the vehicle in a wide range of conditions. Whether in sub-zero, hot & arid, or tropical conditions, the typical duty cycles remain the same. MAN's coolant is designed for the engine to deliver high performance consistently. It helps maintain ideal temperature despite varied weather and operating conditions. The coolant contains performance additives to reduce deterioration and oxidation in the engine. As a premixed solution, it also helps avoid property loss due to dilution.

The Benefits :
  • Ideal temperature in all-weather conditions. High performance assured.
  • Premixed coolant to avoid property loss due to dilution of normal water.
  • Performance additives. Reduced deterioration, oxidation & enhanced performance of the engine.
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