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Passenger and goods transport is undergoing rapid change. Cities worldwide are constantly growing, and with them the challenges for urban passenger transport systems. Dwindling resources and concomitantly rising raw material prices are just some of the issues that are becoming increasingly relevant, just like the ever stricter legal requirements regarding pollution limits and environmental protection. A city's road to a high quality of life and outstanding image nowadays leads through the reduction of noise and air pollution caused by public transport systems.

As a pioneer of trendsetting technology in the field of commercial vehicles, MAN provides alternative drive concepts and digital solutions for the goods transport of the future. With its visionary innovative force, MAN is setting new standards and laying the foundations for sustainable mobility: clean, smart and efficient. From eMobility to transport solutions, we can provide you with everything you need to streamline your business in a cost-effective manner and consolidate your success - as per our aim: to simplify business. Simply mobile. Simply ahead. Simply unique.

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Benefiting from digitalisation is ingeniously simple: Book MAN DigitalServices from our marketplace on the RIO platform

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"Provide the crucial M-PULSE" - MAN's motto includes communicating all future issues and innovations, with the focus being on sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future and researching, developing and successfully implementing efficient and economical transport solutions of the future. With MAN M-PULSE, MAN is continuing its tradition - from inventor of the diesel engine to trailblazer for the transport world of tomorrow.

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Experience what the future of transport will bring right now. Innovative, sustainable and visionary: these are the core themes of MAN Truck Innovations.

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Find out now what the future of public transport will bring. Innovative, environmentally friendly and economical: these are the core themes of MAN Bus Innovations.

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Discover the hottest vehicle trends of tomorrow today. Take a look at MAN Van Innovations to see what MAN transporters are driving forward safely into the future.

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